Emcab have passed the regular ISO 9001:2015 certification and confirmed the compliance.

6 April 2022

In a nutshell, ISO 9001 is the standard outlining the requirements an organization’s quality management system (QMS) must meet or exceed to be certified. And we believe that this recognition is built upon Emcab's core values, understanding of true quality and a continuous improvement mindset. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company means that Emcab meet the following principles of ISO 9001: a) demonstration of the ability to consistently provide products and services that

We stand for love. We stand for peace.

25 February 2022

“There is no greater crime than an unnecessary war” (Lion Feuchtwanger) The highest and most absolute value is human life. We nurture love, light, and kindness within us and we are utterly happy to transmit these values to the world. We stand with love. We stand with humanity. We are against any military operations. Stop this unnecessary war!

Emcab get-together 2022!

27 January 2022

It’s already becoming a tradition to get together at the beginning of the year with the global team of EMCAB. This time we discussed the highlights of 2021, forecasts of 2022 and action plan to solve the bottlenecks. Is 2022 going to be a challenge? We are ready! With such an awesome team and inspiring support impossible is nothing! Thank you, guys, for your time, feedback, important highlights and readiness to make great things together!!!

2022 is officially declared as the International Year of Glass

17 January 2022

As stated in the resolution, glass has accompanied humankind for centuries, enriching the quality of life of millions, and that, as one of the most important, versatile, and transformative materials of history. The aim of the project is to emphasize the technical, scientific, and economic importance of glass. This fragile yet influential meterial contributes to the creation of new technologies allowing society to

Embrace the Light!

13 December 2021

Light travels down fiber optic cables to keep us connected. We literally communicate with light, no matter what distance may lie between us. We are all connected by a network of light. Philosophically, it reaches us when we come across people with light inside, light-driven actions and intentions. And one of the human life purposes might be making one’s own way to light, letting one’s inner light out, bringing it to earth through ideas, feelings, and deeds. To light or not to light?

EU slaps large tariffs on Chinese fibre optic cables

2 December 2021

On 18 November, the European Commission officially adopted a decision to impose higher duties on Chinese optical cable manufacturers, and these duties might be as high as 44%. These measures are primarily aimed at supporting European cable manufacturers and limiting unfair competition. For us, this is an important decision that will allow us to develop the optical cable industry. For our customers, it will bring confidence in the constant quality and stable speed of the Inte

FTTH solutions from backbone to distribution

29 November 2021

More and more households are looking to shift to fiber optic communication for greater data capacity, higher speeds over long distances, reduced interference and other benefits of fiber optics enjoyed by all internet users. This growing demand is welcome by cable producers and network builders that help to make this all happen. Yet there is another side to it: to be in this market, all specialists are challenged to know the cable designs and technologies backwards and forwards. For t

Meet Emcab Sales and Customer Support Manager - Jan Čeněk

17 November 2021

Emcab’s team is packed with devoted specialists, curious by nature and passionate about life. We are happy to know and work with Jan Čeněk, our Customers Support Manager, who makes a perfect example of such a person. Go ahead and read his interview to learn about Jan’s sources of inspiration, his most favourite ways to spend free time and reasons to be part of our global team. - What does a role of Sales and Customers Support Manager mean?

Offline events are back!

11 October 2021

It is a great pleasure for us to return to offline activities. This September was eventful: we took part in 3 trade shows in Bordeaux, in Leipzig and in London! In early September we were at ECOC 2021, which was held in Bordeaux, France. You can find a small report on how it was here. At the same time in Leipzig, Germany, Alexander Wiebe presented the Emcab superior blowing s

Emcab at ECOC 2021. Results

27 September 2021

ECOC - the largest conference on optical communications in Europe - is over, and it was great! What a delight it was to meet you all in person! We thank everyone who stopped by and enjoyed the time with us at ECOC! Special thanks to Robert Wilk, Marian Rus, and Jan Cenek for turning this into an expert dialogue, your efforts are invaluable!