17 January

2022 is officially declared as the International Year of Glass

As stated in the resolution, glass has accompanied humankind for centuries, enriching the quality of life of millions, and that, as one of the most important, versatile, and transformative materials of history.

The aim of the project is to emphasize the technical, scientific, and economic importance of glass. This fragile yet influential meterial contributes to the creation of new technologies allowing society to withstand the challenges of globalization.

Being a fiber optic cable manufacturer, Emcab assumes this project as a great chance to draw people’s attention to how crucial glass-made products are in today’s global ways of communication.

When we make phone calls, surf the Internet, watch favorite series on different streaming services in HD or download pictures in today’s knowledge-based society and the fast-information-based world, it’s all possible by beams of light passing though optical fiber which is actually a fine strand of glass. Fiber optic cables have led to a global communication revolution becoming the main backbone of communication.