27 October

Embrace video. Premiere

What is the spectrum of your live? What colors, textures and things inspire you to reveal beauty around you?

If you had unlimited choice, what exactly would you pick for your life-transforming mood board? In the recent times of “no embracing” and “distance” would you miss a single chance to feel some closeness and support?

Great things come into being out of tiny pieces: crumbs, waves and particles. Would you embrace every little thing? Would you touch the world and feel it in all its splendour?

We, at Emcab, believe in charm of simple things, power of colors and significance of diversity. We cherish the concept of bringing the entire palette in manufacture. It’s hard to imagine a monochrome and silent world, isn’t it?

We are here to remind you how beautiful world is with all its sounds, colors and feelings.

We are here to light up the life.

Feel. Touch. Embrace.