23 March

Meet Emcab Key Account Manager — Marian Rus

We are excited to introduce Emcab Sales Team!

Please meet Marian Rus, our Key Account Manager.

Apart from being a hardworking and talented team-member, Marian is also a passionate individual who shared with us what inspires and motivates him most. Hope you’ll enjoy his story as much as we do!

– What does a role of Key Account Manager mean?

– In my opinion, this is a daily contact with customers in an effort to build relationships that can later be called the key ones. The most crucial element in the process of building ongoing relationships is trust. It’s the foundation for your business partners: they should be sure they can count on you and see you have a genuine interest in their success.

– Where do you find motivation?

– I mostly like daily contact and personal meetings, traveling, getting to know other cultures, conquering the customer by finding out their needs, often impossible tasks. I like to work under stress and I never focus just on one thing. You never know which project will work for you, so it is impossible to choose and prioritize one task over another, it is important to do everything according to customer requirements. I’m looking for motivation on vacation, but I am not the person who can lie on the beach. I prefer to dive deep. Diving is not a sport, it is a lifestyle full of adrenalin. You have to be careful because you have your own life in your hands, it’s the same as the role of Key Account Manager, no one can do it for you.

– What is the portrait of Marian when he leaves the workplace?

– Portrait of Marian? I love my house, so I devote much time working around it and in the garden. I also love American cars and I spend a lot of time on trips too. I meet up with guys who have the same hobbies as I do, I’m a social person, so I try to hang out with friends having a glass of something good. Though sometimes it’s really hard to combine with my work.

– What would you let other people know about Emcab?

– Honestly, I can say that I am truly happy as a professional only now. At Emcab we work only with professionals, committed and inspired. Although we started at the hard pandemic times, I am 100 % positive that a great future is awaiting us. If you haven’t had a chance to learn more about us, you should definitely go for it and become our partner 🙂