17 November

Meet Emcab Sales and Customer Support Manager – Jan Čeněk

Emcab’s team is packed with devoted specialists, curious by nature and passionate about life.

We are happy to know and work with Jan Čeněk, our Customers Support Manager, who makes a perfect example of such a person.

Go ahead and read his interview to learn about Jan’s sources of inspiration, his most favourite ways to spend free time and reasons to be part of our global team.

– What does a role of Sales and Customers Support Manager mean?

– My role in the Emcab team is to cover business channels in Eastern Europe and coordinate technical and commercial requests from various corners of the Emtelle group. This means that I’m in close cooperation with the sales managers of Emtelle and our distributors over Eastern Europe. It also means that I’m regularly in contact with the technical and commercial departments, trying to find the best possible solution for our partners in the fastest possible way.

– Where do you find your motivation?

– I like Emcab as it’s a completely new company. As a fresh enterprise, we have an opportunity to shape what our business will look. We’re not so bound by the old structures of the existing system, that might be in the company that has been in business for 50 years and more. And this is something I really appreciate, even if it’s sometimes a challenge. I like our team that is formed by skilled and friendly staff. I also appreciate our approach to marketing, as it makes my job easier and overall I like how we promote our solutions — playfully, attractively, and simply so that the customer always knows the benefit of the cable design or of the whole solution.

– What is the portrait of Jan when he leaves the workplace?

– After work I like to get my inspiration in my garden — it’s my oasis of relaxation, where I recharge my batteries while mowing the lawn, watering the grass, or barbecuing. Other than that I spend time in a gym, occasionally play some video games or watch Netflix. I’m interested in new technologies, so I’m excited about any new conference referring to the news on the market. Besides all that — my job is my hobby, so I’m a happy person.

– What would you let other people know about Emcab?

– That Emcab is full of experienced people who can provide a huge range of solutions for the harshest environments. Our portfolio of blowing cables is fully compatible and tested with the biggest producer of telecommunication ducts and that is something our clients can appreciate as it makes their life much easier. It’s that simple, just Embrace Cable Excellence 😉

Jan Cenek - Sales and Customer Support Manager | Emcab