26 January

Meet Emcab Sales Coordinator — Mandy Cash

We haven’t introduced our team to you for quite a while and today we would love to kind of fix this situation.

Please meet Mandy Cash, our nice sales coordinator.

We bet her story will melt your hearts!

– What does that mean to be a Sales Coordinator? Is there anything that makes your role special to you?

– Being a sales coordinator is multi-tasking on a daily basis, I see myself as link between the customers and the company, to coordinate, help, assist and support both sites so things run smoothly. It can sometimes be quite challenging, but this is what I love doing.

– What do you like the most about your occupation? Where do you find motivation?

– I am a very social person and the daily contact with customers and my colleagues is what I like most. What can be more positive than a happy person on the other end of the email or telephone? This is what I love about my job and is my daily motivation.

– Apart from work, where do you get your inspiration from? What is the portrait of Mandy, when she leaves her workplace?

– My inspiration? This would probably be my granny, a very strong person who never gave up in anything she did until she reached her goal. She was always my idol and some things from her I see in myself, stubbornness in a positive way, the “never give up” attitude she had, plus that she was never a person who didn’t say what she thought, you would say she sometimes spoke before she thought but I loved her for that, just a very honest person.

Mandy after work? I have two kids, two dogs and just moved house, so usually it’s a balancing act between housework, being mommy, dog sitter but also builder at times 😊 But I love it, even at times when it’s a bit much, I don’t want to miss it. On the weekends I do find time for myself, going for walks with the dogs or just sitting in the garden, not doing anything, just enjoying in the moment.

– If you had just a couple of sentences, what would you let other people know about Emcab?

– I am now some months with Emcab and I can say that I have met really nice people, every single one of them. The passion they have for their jobs and their customers, for their products Emcab is selling and how innovative this is being done, I couldn’t work for a better company. I know Emcab will be a success story and I am proud to be part of it.