“Hi Emcab Team, I wish you maximum success and continued good cooperation!”
Best Regards,
Gregor Buchholz
“For the Emcab Team, Be healthy, continue to grow, be colored, be different! Thank you for your special products and services! ”
TeleGrup Romania
“Hello Team Emcab, For the last 1 year, I have spent a lot of time exploring your website and attending multiple webinars. You peoples are highly creative, sophisticated and your zeal to connect with the customers, people, etc can be easily felt from your activities on the website and events you organize. Wishing you more success ahead. Thank you! ”
Yours Sincerely,
“Happy 1st Birthday Emcab team! What a pleasure the 1st year has been and feel grateful to be a part of great team with you all ”
Lots of love from Scotland,
Jade Lyle X
“There are no borders for well done work. I wish EMCAB a solid expansion in the German market.”
“I wish Emcab a long and successful business life ! All the best. ”
Philippe Parmentier
Country Manager Estcell
“It’s not just a corporate anniversary, it’s an anniversary of a family that only grew strong defying the odds. Happy anniversary!🎉🎂 ”
Team TeleGrup Romania✌
“As time goes by, a year has flown by! It was not an easy year, but the Emcab team managed to make it positive and constructive for the future. May the journey of Emcab success continue even in the coming years! Wishing Emcab team a happy anniversary! ”
Par Pirozzi
Estcell SRL
“Happy anniversary, we wish you a successful 2021. … and we wish you to be able to invite guests for the second birthday 😉”
“Dear Emcab Team, We, from the Emtelle Benelux team, want to congratulate you on the 1 year anniversary. You As a new member of the Emtelle family brings us new possibilities in our range of Fibre Optic cables. This helps us to open doors and the results we have already seen in our area. We are convinced that is a start for a bright future to bring Emtelle further ahead in the dynamic world of Telecom.”
Greets, Jan, Theun, Marc and Peter
“Happy Birthday Emcab! Emcab is a new and rapidly growing manufacturer and we do like working with them. We appreciate that they are always open to new designs and try to find the best solution to meet the customer’s need. As a new company, there are always things to improve, like the always an issue logistic. We enjoy working with Marian Rus, who is a great sales manager, and together we work hard to build a long lasting and successful business relationship. We wish to keep up the good partnership and of course to run more and more projects together.”
Best wishes from Exim Kábel Team!
“A huge shout out to all the staff at EMCAB to wish you all a Happy Birthday. Thanks for all your continued support, rapid response, great product and look forward to the next 12-months.”
Best Regards,
Craig Jones
“Happy 1st birthday and all the best”
Lee Stokes
“Happy Birthday!”
“Congrats on your 1 year, many more to come!”
Best Regards,
Emtelle Sales Director DK, Norway and Iceland