Riser TB

Riser tight-buffered (TB) is applied inside buildings (including vertical runs), in trays, channels, on outer sides of buildings, as well as in ducts, tubes and blocks. Suitable for blowing into protecting polyethylene tubes.


Optical fiber




Fiberglass rods


Halogen-free flame-retardant jacket


Match marks (jacket opening marking)

Certified as CPR compliant Euroclass Dca

Up to 48 fibers

Max rated design tension up to 400 N

Crush — 80-200 N/сm

Perfect solution for high buildings: the fiber is buffered up to floor box or up to the subscriber’s flat

Operation temperature range down to -30°C

Easy access to the fiber at any place of the cable



All-dielectric design

Maximum rated design tension 400 N
Crush — 80 N/cm
Fiber count up to 4 up to 12 up to 24 up to 36 up to 48
Cable diameter, mm 6.5 8.5 10.5 14.5 14.5
Cable weight, kg/km 41.5 63.8 90.1 156.5 168.6
Min bending radius, mm 65 85 105 145 145
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Operation temperature -30°С…+50°С
Installation temperature -10°С…+50°С
Transportation and storage temperature -50°С…+50°С
Minimum bending radius 10x cable diameter
Life time 25 years