3 June

Emcab is celebrating its 1st birthday: make a wish!

On the 1st of July Emcab is celebrating its first anniversary!

The first year of Emcab life was full of challenges but overcoming them gave a lot of inspiration and provided energy for each one of us.

Join the birthday celebrations: make a wish! You can both make a wish for yourself or for Emcab in our Inspiration Lab section.

“Make a wish for yourself” configurator randomly creates a downloadable/shareable card with a wish. Give it a try and you can’t get enough!

“Make a wish for Emcab” lets you send all your kind words on Emcab birthday. You can also share your stories connected with Emcab. All messages will be highly appreciated!

We will be glad to share this special time of the year for us with you 🎉

Embrace your smile. Embrace your life!