30 August

Meet Emcab Key Account Manager — Alexander Wiebe

Alexander Wiebe is not only a diligent and skilled team member who you might have worked with on your fiber optic project.

He is all about family, sports, and a positive approach! Read his employee story and find out what inspires and motivates him most. Hope you’ll enjoy his story!

– What does a role of key account manager mean?

– As a key account manager, I try to set up close contacts with Emcab clients. Basically, it consists of a lot of communication, and joint work on fiber optic projects. The possibility of direct contact with different people, and finding a common language with them make this job special for me. I also find visiting clients at their workplaces pretty interesting: apart from talking to people, you can see how and where they work and enjoy traveling to many beautiful places. The most exciting part about my job is facing challenges and difficulties, and finding solutions to them, but the greatest reward is, as always, a happy customer. When the results of work not only meet expectations but often exceed them, the interpersonal relationship goes to a new level. The ultimate goal is not the standard “supplier-customer” relationship, but a mutually beneficial partnership.

– Where do you find your motivation?

– I usually get a lot of inspiration from people who have become the real pros in their area of expertise. There is always an impressive person who can make you strive for new goals by simply being a great role model.

– What is the portrait of Alexander when he leaves the workspace?

– I read or listen to audiobooks a lot, I also do a lot of sports, biking particularly. And I spend my free time with my family, of course.

– What would you let other people know about Emcab?

– First of all, Emcab is about nice and interesting people. We are cheerful, we are fun, and we are easy to do business with!

Key Account Manager Alexander Wiebe | Emcab